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This New Yorker Walked Every Single Street in Manhattan: Here's How You Can Do It Too

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New Yorkers are renowned for their penchant for walking, but few can boast the feat achieved by Maya Gonzales Berry: traversing every single street in Manhattan. This intrepid explorer, hiker, and backpacker embarked on a five-year journey, culminating in December 2023, to conquer every paved inch of the island.


Spanning 85 walks and totaling 207 hours of walking time across 640 miles, Berry's adventure was no small feat. If you're inspired to follow in her footsteps, she graciously shares some insights and tips for undertaking this odyssey.


Keep Your Goal in Mind: Berry's journey began as a desire to explore her new home thoroughly. Bored of walking familiar streets in her downtown neighborhood, she embraced the challenge of walking every street in Manhattan. It's a daunting task, but with determination and patience, it's achievable.


Plan Your Journey: Berry, typically walking two to four hours a day, meticulously planned her routes. For more remote or unfamiliar areas, she enlisted her husband as a walking companion, adding accountability and enjoyment to the adventure.


Track Your Steps: Organization is key to success. Berry used a watch app to track her progress and crossed off streets on a paper map upon returning home each day.


Utilize Public Transit: Maximize your time by taking public transit to distant locations, then walking from there. Efficiency is key to covering as much ground as possible.


Gear Up: New York City's weather can be unpredictable. Dress in layers, carry essentials like an extra jacket, rain gear, and water, and don't forget comfortable footwear for those long treks.


Immerse Yourself in the City: Berry recommends soaking in the sounds and sights of the city as you walk, rather than listening to music or podcasts. It's an opportunity to engage with your surroundings and discover hidden gems.


Stay Open-Minded: Walking offers a unique perspective on the city, allowing you to uncover unexpected delights and observe how New Yorkers make the city their own.


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